Leadership And The Qualities Of A Leader

There is a famous quote “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. Leadership is just an act of leading the people around us to accomplish a goal. Leadership usually gives a direction to the company to get more profits and reach greater heights. The employees who are working under the leader have to know what they are doing and why they are doing and how it will help the company. Leadership involving making the works to know about their roles and the responsibilities of their company. So, if the leadership is not managed in a perfect manner, then the company will definitely have to meet the consequences. The leaders should be the role model for the people.

Characteristics of a good leader:

The leaders should have some characteristics which should motivate the people to work under them. Let us take a look at the characteristics of a perfect leader below.


A good and smart leader should have the quality to appreciate others. Because the appreciation means a lot to the workers, so they will get motivated when they get appreciative words from their leaders. This will definitely make the employees work even more hard to achieve goals.


The leaders should have much confidence in their employees. The confidence will help them to inspire and they will give the best in their works.


Compassion is one of the important characteristics a good leader must have. They should show some compassion towards their workers when they do not feel well.


The leaders should be very flexible in any situation and this should be able to change their ideas when an employee brings out a new idea.


The leaders should be very responsive to the people who work under them and they are responsible for the profits or losses they get in their business.


The most important quality a leader should have is honesty. The leaders should be very honest and they should never feel afraid to convey the truth to the people.

No partiality:

Partiality makes many bad things to occur among the team members. So, the leaders should treat each and every people in the team equally and they should have any partiality nature.


A good leader should have courage and determination to face everything in business. They should not feel bad for the losses and they should be mentally prepared to accept both incomes and expenses.

Types of leadership:

There are many types of leadership followed in a business. They are explained briefly as follows.

Autocratic leadership:

In this type of leadership, the leaders are the only boss for their business. They have the power to do anything needed for the business without getting any suggestions or opinions from their people. They will take a decision on their own and finally, they will convey it to their people. In this type, the leaders need not be so flexible and there will be only some situations which will support this type of leadership.

Democratic leadership:

In this type, the leaders should get ideas or suggestions from the subordinate people. The Democratic leaders have the responsibility to take a final decision and if they wish, they can even give authority to any of the subordinates. This is the most commonly preferred leadership by many of the business people.

Strategic leadership:

Strategic leaders should have the capacity to be the head of the organization. They have to fulfill the needs of what the company actually expects from them.

Transformational leadership:

The transformational leaders should make some beneficial changes in the organization. They will motivate the other employees to work more and more for the benefits of the company. They will set some challenges and goals and they will try to make it possible by doing an efficient performance.

Team leadership:

Team leadership involves mingling up with other people in the company. It is difficult to predict whether it will succeed or not. Success is based on the qualities of the leader who is managing the company.

Cross-cultural leadership:

Cross-cultural leadership is the leaders should be capable of working in any environments. In the United States, many companies have cross-cultural leaders because different people with different culture live and work there.

Facilitative leadership:

It depends only on the result of the business and it doesn’t focus much on the skills of the people. If the people are not working well, the leader has to force them to work hard and if the people are working well, there will be no need for a leader’s interference.

Laissez-faire leadership:

The leaders of this type will never interfere and usually, they will give overall authority to the employees. So, this is not a good leadership style to be followed by the company and most of the companies will never choose this style of leadership.

Transactional leadership:

This is the most commonly used leadership in many companies. The employees will get suggestions from the leaders and they will get appreciation or rewards from the leaders once they do the given tasks in a proper and efficient manner.

Coaching leadership:

As the name sounds, this type of leadership involves the task of teaching and supervising the employees. The leader should make some improvement in the company progress by giving excellent coaching to the employees. It basically involves motivating the subordinates.

Visionary leadership:

Visionary leaders will always have a vision about their ideas and they will achieve it with hard work. Every leader should have a clear vision and the idea of their future mission and this will help them to achieve it sooner and smarter.


Thus come to the conclusion by saying that leadership is the art of getting the work done by someone else what we want to be done. Every leader should have the capacity to learn from their people and it is the important quality every leader should have. A team is just the reflection of its leadership and so the leader should make it as goods as possible. Whenever we are able to see a business runs successful, then there will be a great leader behind the success.


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