Defining Leadership And Its Importance

Defining Leadership And Its Importance

When it comes to leadership each of us thinks that we know what it means and that we have a fairly good idea on this topic. The idea of a good leader is clear in the minds of most of them but when it comes to defining it one seems to be in loss for words. Some may tell you that leadership is about motivating those who look up to you like your team members or your juniors. Others define leadership as an inspiration that pulls others towards a common goal.

Leadership is about having a vision

Leadership is about having a vision

When you lead a team means that you have a vision and share it with others. You have to inspire others and share a common goal which lets your team direct their vision and dedication to a common goal. Those who have leadership qualities know how to motivate a team. They are good people managers. It is through motivation that the leader is able to channel his energy and the hypotension of his team and this helps him to achieve his goals.

Leadership is serving

Leadership is serving

A leader needs to serve his team. It is not the other way around. The members of the team should have his support and should have the required tools that are needed by them to do the job. They should be recognized for their efforts and know that there is someone who is honoring and appreciating their efforts as well as keeping a watch on then to help them improve their habits. This is what the role of a leader is

Leadership means having empathy

Emotional intelligence is a very important leadership quality and this is the key for anyone one to succeed as a leader. This means that the leaders should put himself in others place and understand what their concerns are and help them with a solution. Leaders should know to empathize with his clients to and this quality helps him to inspire which ultimately leads to achieving the goals.

Leadership is encouraging creativity

Leaders are also creative. The great leaders have been able to make an environment that encourages the members to improve imagination and honest heir skills. This is important for the employee to contribute towards the company’s vision. You should be able to respect others creativity and learn from those who are around you. Sharing of ideas surely leads to better results.

A good leader listens

A good leader will set a bar for his people because he wants his team to reach the goal and achieve the best. The leader has to demand and this will help him to raise the bar. He should be tough but also listen to his team to know what they want to perform better. The team could have concerns that need to be resolved and if the leader pays attention to their needs then the job would be done better.

Leadership is about managing

The leader should be able to guide and lead his team through the entire process in order to achieve the goals. But this does not mean that he should always be in the forefront. He should at times step back and let his team take the initiative. This will let the team develop professionally as well as personally. Management is just about focusing on the tasks but leadership means focusing on people.

Leaders help to build a team

True leaders encourage working as a team in order to achieve a common goal. People management is an important task that the leaders play and it is also very difficult to play the role. The positive attitude and the trust that the leader develops among his teammates is what makes him a good leader. A leader should also take responsibility for something that must have gone wrong and if his team has done well then he should reward them too.

Leadership means taking risks

The leader should be ready to take risks that others may not be keen to take. The leaders should take a decision confidently and in case of a mistake they should take responsibility and rectify it. They should not get into a blame game. Good leaders stay ahead of others and they look for opportunities everywhere. They also help to spread enthusiasm among their team members to make their vision real.

Leadership is about continuous improvement

A good leader will always seek continuous improvement and they aim to make their team members stand out as stars. Good leaders develop the team management skills and influence the team to perform better.

If you thought that leadership is a role that only your top management needs to play then this is not true. Anyone in the team could be a leader and this has got nothing to do with one’s hierarchy in the company. A good leader does not impose his views but listens to others and then takes the best decision. Leaders are those who lead a team through enthusiasm and drive the entire team towards a single vision.

Work on your Leadership Qualities

It is important that you start working on your leadership qualities from today because it can help you reach great heights. Every team and every organization look for a good leader and you need to prepare yourself to be a good leader. First, understand what your most important objective is and think big. You should know your own strengths and your weakness. It is about being honest with yourself first and this is the first step for you to be effective as a leader. Be clear on what you wish to achieve and what your main goals are and then motivate the team to visualize the goal and work towards it.

Successful companies need leaders at every level

Today companies do not need leaders just in the top layers of the management. In fact, they seek leaders at every level of the company. There is a need for leaders at every level of the organizational hierarchy. Having good leaders is an issue that most companies face. The largest gap is in this area and while companies are able to hire people with good work knowledge they mostly fail to get the same people to show exemplary leadership role. This has been crucial for companies and thus today companies are focusing a lot on training their employees on leadership skills. The leadership issues that the company faces are to meet the demand for leaders who are flexible and fluent. The leaders also do not have the motivation to push the team members to perform. The leaders are also not very capable of understanding the changes rapidly and changing their old methods. The problem is serious and this is causing the old leaders to retire and the company is finding it difficult to cover this gap. The company needs to develop leadership qualities at every level and should also equip their team members with the required skills that they need in order to succeed as a leader.

The importance of leadership

Leadership is a crucial function in management and it helps to maximize the company efficiency. Leadership qualities are important because it helps to:

Initiate An Action – The leader communicates the policies and the plans to the team members and gives them a clear route of the work path Motivates- The leader motivates his employees and gives them awards both in value and appreciation and gets his work done by the team. GivesProper Guidance- A leader does not just supervise but also guides his team members. This means that he instructs the juniors on the ways in which one should perform the work efficiently Creates Confidence- Confidence is important in a leader and he thus needs to express the work to the juniors and explain to them the roles and give them instructions on how to achieve the goals. The leader should also hear out his employees and address their concerns. Morale Building – The leader tries to build the morale of the team and gets their trust.

The leader boosts the team’s morale so that they cooperate fully and perform their best to get the work done. Builds A Good Work Environment – A good manager aims to get the job done by his teammates. When the work environment is efficient it helps in the growth of the company and also helps to keep the growth stable. Thus a leader has to focus a lot on human relations and should have personal contact with his team. He should listen to their personal issues and empathize with them. Coordination- The personal interests have to be reconciled with the goals of the organization and this can be achieved by properly coordinating the work.


The strategies of any organization will fail to work without an effective leadership. A great coach is essential to run a team, even if the team has the best of players. An efficient leadership strategy is what makes a work team perform and achieve organizational goals.

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