Collaborative Leadership Becomes An Ultimate Necessity In The Current Era

The corporate world today exists in a world of change. We witness a change in every aspect of business progress. Technological developments have been amending the ways in which business corporations’ function. Collaborative leadership thus becomes a requirement rather than a common need. The power of collaborative leadership will be understood as technology and business development requires to go hand in hand. Across all the functional boundaries and other departments, collaborative leadership is the most common management practice. The key to such importance is the interpersonal relationship. Collaborative leaders have to work across employees, senior management, and other business partners at different levels within the organization.

How to develop collaborative leadership in a company?

There are situations wherein people in an organization belonging to different departments will not be willing to share information. Business operations can prosper only when different functional departments in the company share their requirements and offer their cooperation so that the linking will increase the efficiency in the work quality and profitability as well. We have to realize that this mentality is not good and make people realize it and help them come out of it.

It is not just about bringing in technological developments in any business. It is not about getting the latest equipment that matters a lot for business development. But the essence of the employees getting to work together is important and required. Collaborative leadership runs around this human element in business development. Instead of spending millions of money in the web services and social media, we can spend it on human collaboration. It can change the attitude of people throughout the organization. Successful collaboration can create wonders in life. Collaborative leadership has to be claimed as a strategy. Be it developing a new project, new product, a new process or a service we need humans coming together to collaborate. Then come the financial plan and other operational strategy. Thus, a collaborative leader should emerge in a new product development and his responsibilities should be to bring people together and invest their ideas and work with cooperation. The leader should get the top decisions worked out from all levels of the company, from ground staff to every person around. In the current era, employees tend to think that they want to be a part of their organization. Instead of discussing the decisions to be taken with just the top management, and proceed with passing the orders to the people in the next levels we can involve them straight into the game.

Collaborative leadership is a way of utilizing the diversity in the workforce. Instead of solving a challenging situation with a known group of the same members, we can collaborate with the many people in the company to check and look for ideas. We will get good advice from people with varying skills and knowledge. When we have people with the same kind of knowledge developed from the same place, the closed group always think in one direction. Many possibilities and ideas might get ignored when working in this fashion. First, develop collaboration before getting to work. It is always witnessed among many leaders that they give deliverables and specific deadlines to be met by the workers. In order to accomplish that, they work hard and get it done and complete it first just for the sake of completing. On the other hand, if you give people the time to collaborate, understand their positives and negatives, their interests and other things they can work more efficiently and in a relaxed manner to complete it within time.

Trust is an important aspect in building a collaboration. When we tend to keep faith in a person’s responsibilities and build confidence, they get honestly into their work. And the trust gains honor. This trust among every member collaborating will keep the members to live together. When we do not build that trust, we hesitate to share information and always live with suspicion.  Have a look at your body language. When being a collaborative leader, we have to maintain a level of dignity. We should not get authoritative in words and body movements. Focus on what they are speaking and give them valuable feedbacks. Ability to motivate and inspire should be developed among collaborative leaders as it is very much essential to get many ideas and work involvement.The leader must be willing to take a risk and have a backup strategy in case of worse scenarios. It is quite natural that an idea can move in the wrong direction, but it is also possible that we learn from them and proceed rightly. There will be no growth and innovation without risk.

Support for all people in the department. In a functional department, we will have all types of people. They will belong to various parts of our country, from varied educational backgrounds and skills. All people have to be respected and their ideas too.  It is quite natural that when many different kinds of people collaborate, it is always a common phenomenon of conflicts arising. These conflicts have to be managed constructively and handled with patience. With constructive conflict, we can build strong relationships and a strong network. As discussed, collaborative leadership is the basic foundation for any kind of business that is developing in the current era. This brings diplomacy at workplace and discipline among all the workers involved in the business development. It is good to quote an example here. Captain MahendraNathMulla, the then Commanding Officer of INS Khukri during the 1971 war had sacrificed his life and decided to go down with his ship in order to save soldiers under his command. It is very important to understand that we need to relinquish control to work for the common good. We will have to learn from such instances and accomplish it to move forward in creating a collaborative environment to succeed and make profits in a big way. This is the real strategy for life.

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