Importance Of Leaders In A Business

Leaders are the backbone of the business and it is very difficult to run a business successfully without a perfect leader. Leaders should encourage the group of people in the business and thus make them work even better.

Importance of leaders:

Without leaders, the company will be nothing. No organization will work efficiently and effectively when a leader is not present. A company is developed with many people and there should be one person who has the potential to handle all those people in a perfect manner. A leader should have the entire control over the business and the people. Leadership is the main key to the success of an organization.

Influencing the people:

A leader is the one who influences their people working under him. So, he should give his best in all the endeavors he does and there is a myth that the good and efficient leaders will always get good results from their subordinate people.

Fulfill the needs:

A leader maintains a very good relationship with their employees and fulfills the needs of them. A leader is a person who will make the employees work in a safe and secure manner and it’s their responsibility to provide the right opportunities to prove them. The people will accept the leader once they try to fulfill the entire needs of the employees.

Introducing required changes:

We are able to see the business environment is changing day by day. So, the leader should make the necessary changes needed for the company to yield profits and reach greater heights.

Helps in solving conflicts:

A leader really helps their people to solve the personal issues among them because the leader will ask all of their problems and their point of view and support them based on that.

Helps in the development:

The leaders will allow the employees to attend training sections to learn about the new techniques in business life and the leader will help them in the development of the business.

Responsibilities of a leader:

A leader has many responsibilities in a business. Let us discuss those responsibilities here.


Trust should be made in three ways.

The leader should have trust on each subordinate.

Each subordinate should have trust in the leader.

The subordinates should have trust in one another.

The leaders should have trust and belief in each and every subordinate people and they should have faith that the people will do any business task by taking risks.


The leaders must have communication with the people so that they can know what the people are doing and this will help them to make their business to the top position in the market.

Sufficient resources:

The main responsibility of a team leader is they should provide a sufficient number of resources to their team people. Resources are needed for finishing a process within a short period of time. Less number of resources will take a long time to finish their project and this will obviously make the business to lag behind the other business. Finishing projects at a correct time is the main thing in a business. So, it should be done by the team leader.


The members of the team should always feel that they are secured and they have the capacity to finish their task assign to them in the correct period of time. We can see in many companies, the pairing will be done as an employee is paired with a high lever experienced peer. This will make them feel unsecured and will make an impact in their work.

Team members accountable:

In every team, the members should be selected with same years of experience so that it will not affect the workplace and there should be no partiality among them. This will help to maintain a friendly relationship with each other instead of a master-slave relationship.

Routine debriefing:

Debriefing means pointing out both the positives and negatives in the business projects. The team leaders should verify why the negatives have happened and who the main reason behind it is. The leader should schedule a private meeting with the employee and talk about his or her problems over the business. This will definitely make a good impact on the business and the employees will get motivated by the words of the team leader.

Disadvantages of a leader:

Though leadership has many advantages, it has disadvantages too. Let us take a closer look at the disadvantages of a leader below.

Reverse impact:

The leaders are motivational and they will encourage the people around them. But, there are some leaders who will always blame others for the things happening in the projects. So, sometimes the leadership will make a negative and reverse impact on the subordinate people.

Wrong decisions:

No leaders will always take the right decisions. Sometimes, the decisions taken by the leaders will go wrong and will meet many consequences. Finally, all will blame the leaders for the mistake occurred and the decisions taken by them.

The employee feels bad:

The employees will get motivated for the leaders and they will work hard to achieve their goals and make the business to reach greater heights. They will always think they are the part of the success of the organization and sometimes they will start feeling like the team is taking advantages of them and pressurizing them by giving work overload.

Wrong assumption:

The employees will have certain ideas and goals to accomplish but the leaders will not allow them to do so. The leaders will always think that their words will always make the employees encouraging and motivating. But this is not the true case, the leader’s assumption goes wrong sometimes.


The leaders have many risks in a business when they are working with many subordinates. Because the leaders are responsible for the mistakes done by the subordinate people and the overall risk has to be faced by the leader alone.


In a business, all subordinates will not be given the same priority and the employees will be preferred first based on their work. This will affect the team leaders because the other employees will start scolding the leader.


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